Restaurant La Paranza - Santa Margherita Ligure

Our cooking. The pleasure of taste and flavour.

If you love Italian and in particular the Ligurian and Genoese cuisine, you will discover its pecularieties thanks to our menus, letting you guide you from the taste of the traditional Ligurian flavors, even if our offer has been greatly enriched with proposals ranging from Royal Plateau to dishes of baccala (callus and cococias). The menu is vast and inviting in every its capacity and can bring indecision. We will try to suggest you best.

To deepen the choice of our dishes, in addition to the proposals that follow, you can consult direclty our menu

Starter: tuna steak

The tuna steak is a particularly appetizing dish for starting the meal in a light but tasty way, simple in the preparation and perfect for the fish lovers; it can be considered also a valid second course in summer, because the vegetables give freshness to the dish and tuna is suitable to be consumed at room temperature. Tuna's particularity is that is slightly half-cooked on both sides and left rosy in the middle.

First course: trofie with home-made pesto sauce, potatoes and string beans

Trofie are a particular Ligurian home-made kind of pasta prepared with flour and water, without eggs. Hand-made in little wavy shapes, we serve them with home-made pesto sauce, potatoes and string beans. Trofie are almost impossible to purchase outside of Italy and they are a Ligurian speciality; as is the pesto sauce, a unique sauce derived from the basil plant.

Second course: Santa's shrimps

Shrimps of Santa Margherita Ligure are prepared boiled or iron cooked (ai ferri) and accompanied by mayonnaise sauce in order to magnify the freshness and the flavors. As an alternative, shrimps can be prepared "al crostone", fried with fresh little tomatoes "ciliegini". It is forbidden to use the cutlery! The juice is really good with focaccia, another Ligurian speciality.

One of our homemade desserts: tiramisù

It is a spoon dessert made with Savoy biscuits, or other crumbly biscuits, soaked in coffee with a cream of mascarpone cheese and eggs. Tiramisù is a dessert widespread all over Italy, whose origins are often contended between regions like Veneto, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Piedmont and others. Tiramisù and all the other desserts are our home-made productions.

Accompaniment: one of our selected wines

There is no better accompaniment for quality, fresh food than wine. You may choose from a precise selection of Ligurian, Friulian, Piedmontes wines to accompany every type of course: Vermentino, Pigato, Brunello di Montalcino and Sauvignon are just a few samples of what is available.