Restaurant La Paranza - Santa Margherita Ligure

Our rooms. Tradition and history around you.

Inside the restaurant offers a warm and hearty atmosphere. The tables set with a minimal style are divided into two separate rooms decorated in full sailor-life style which characterizes the city where we are located.

If you look closely, you will notice many references to the seafaring life and a city that in the past, and nowadays too, remains bound to the sea.

The pictures, cards and freehand drawings provide a passionate show. Each one with its unique settings and landscapes or pieces of history and traditions strongly tied to the deep blue sea.

During the summer, we offer the possibility to eat on our outdoor veranda, where the restaurant is inspired by the typical Ligurian towns characterized by the Mediterranean marquis in which they are.

The veranda is, in fact, outlined with a flourishing rambling plant, offering a wonderful view of Santa Margherita Ligure port and creating a unique atmosphere.