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Always in the name of tradition, "La Paranza" while respecting the Ligurian flavors and typical dishes of the region, has over the years been able to renew itself in the style and culinary proposal, enriching its proposal with new dishes able to satisfy the taste of an increasingly attentive and demanding clientele.

Our menu is vast and inviting in every course with proposals ranging from selections of raw, oysters and seafood, to a series of fish appetizers, to a rich proposal of first and second courses of the Ligurian tradition, but not only .

Among the most requested proposals, in addition to raw fish and crustaceans, the famous Santa Margherita prawns stand out, offered in different variations, the Mediterranean red tuna tartare, the grilled octopus with its mayonnaise on sweet potato purée, the bouillabaisse, the fish stew in fairy paper without forgetting the crustacean section, much appreciated by our customers for the very high quality of our products thanks to the possibility of guaranteeing a fresh and valuable fish.

All these aspects together with the presence of chef Silvio Guzzi, who for 15 years has been at the helm of the kitchen with passion and skill, managing to combine tradition and innovation to satisfy the taste of our loyal customers, have made the kitchen of the Paranza a point of reference. time-tested for a large number of people.

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Il ristorante La Paranza è un locale storico di Santa Margherita Ligure, aperto fin dal 1950 dove potrete gustare i sapori liguri grazie a un ricco menu a base di pesce fresco.

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Via J.Ruffini 46
S.Margherita Ligure (GE) 16038


+39 349 17 73 579

+39 0185 28 36 86


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